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Covid Updates and information


We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. As we reopen and move towards getting back to normal, we'd like to share a few of the changes that you may notice around the dojo. We are eager to return to the mats, but want to make sure we do so in the safest manner as possible. We will continue to monitor the situation and follow state guidelines to do our part to help eliminate the spread!

Maryland Covid Information



Face-masks are required inside the building at this time.


Social Distancing:

Please do your part to social distance when possible. No more than 2 members are allowed in the locker rooms at this time.


Training Partners:

It is strongly recommended you coordinate a training partner before coming to class. We are trying to limit the amount of partner randomization, and some students may not feel comfortable partnering at this time. Feel free to bring a trusted training partner with you to class. If you do not feel comfortable participating in partner work, please join us for the solo drill portion and group discussion.


Class Break-down:

Classes will be a hybrid of solo drills and group partner activities. 15-20 minutes of solo drilling, followed by 30-45 partnered work. 


Class Sizes:

Class schedule and class sizes are limited. Please register for class ahead of time to guarantee your spot on the mat. You can register for class here. As restrictions are lifted we will add more classes back to the schedule.


Youth Classes:

Youth classes are cancelled for the time being as many parents do not feel comfortable having their children return to training at this time. We will continue to periodically send out surveys in regards to youth classes resuming and will reassess as needed.


We thank you for your understanding and continued support!



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